Mark V seat
Light gray insert w/ black vinyl sides.

Three Tone Cycle Seat; 2014
Custom GTO Headliner; 2014
Corbin Cycle Seat....Two Tone
A "Classic" Kiddie Car!
This car was built by Mountain Graphics for a local event;
Nip n' Tuck did the interior.
A classic car deserves classic upholstery;
True "Tuck & Roll" was used here. 


Dual Bimini Top (1)  2012
Dual Bimini Top (2) 
 Dual Bimini Top from under side
 Dual Bimini Front End Only
 Front Bimini only


Plymouth Scamp Seats  2012


This bench seat was in pretty bad shape! 
Here is the same seat.....looks great! 


Four Wheeler Seat


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  2. Used to hang out with "Nip and Tuck John" at his shop along the tracks between 10th and 11th back in the late 70s early 80s. Very talented guy! Still in the family?

    1. Michael worked for John in the mid 80's....John is not a part of our company but was a great mentor for Michael. We are so thankful that John shared his talent! Here we are today; going strong!