You might have seen woven chair seat patterns at your parents and grandparents houses, antique shops, flea markets, or furniture stores.
But did you know each of the different patterns and materials all have particular names?
Believe it or not,  they are not all called, “caning”!

Six Most Popular Types of “Chair Caning” are:

Traditional Hole-to-Hole, Hand or Lace Chair Caning
Pressed Cane, Machine Woven or Cane Webbing
Wide Binding Cane or Porch Cane
Natural Hand-twisted Bulrush & Cattail Leaf Rush
Man-made Paper Fibre Rush
Ash, Oak, Hickory or Rattan Reed Splints
Danish Modern Cord or Cane

Sinclair Rocker 9.30.2015
Traditional Hole to Hole hand weaving.
 The process....


Hand Woven Caning
After removing the cane from the seat area of the chair. 

First stages of weaving the cane.

Later stages of weaving.

Finished seat; ready to stain or leave natural.

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