Thursday, July 28, 2016

5 Star Unique!

This vintage platform rocker has ALOT going on.....
The only wood on this rocker is the platform!
It is actually constructed from a spring system and all the upholstery is hand sewn.....

This one was in sad shape when it arrived here at Nip n' Tuck Upholstery!
This was one that we absolutely had to salvage.  There is so many styles going on in this single piece!
1. Button Pulls
2. Button Tufting
3. Roushing
4. Welting
5. all with a Tight seat and back.


  1. Dear Michael and Kellie,
    Thank you so much for our new chair, it is fabulous. Owing to our travel schedule, we are now in other parts of the world. It was very kind of you to allow us to pick up the chair over the weekend. Thank you for your advice and guidance with the fabric, I believe it looks great and certainly saved us a lot of money. This is most assuredly an important pre-1900 piece of furniture, with great sentimental value to the family. All of the family is impressed and the chair will now live for many more generations to come.
    Kevin & Karen

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! We are so glad you like the chair and we hope you enjoy it for many more years to come.