Monday, November 21, 2016

Shabby Chic Week!.....

Shabby Chic is a form of interior design where furniture and furnishings are chosen
 for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear!

This bench has a down cushion with foam core...... 
letting it be "shabby" in appearance!
This cushion is made from a West African robe!
The robe is a product of Northern Nigeria from the Hausa Textile workers.
The Hausa name for the robe is: riga
 It is usually not possible to attribute a specific ethnic origin to this type of robe on stylistic grounds alone. Although today they are often still made from hand-woven cloth, the painstaking and beautiful hand embroidery used in the past is very rarely seen. Fine old robes have become family heirlooms passed on from father to son and worn with pride at major celebrations.

In this case......
it has been given a new life in the Shabby Chic style of a window bench cushion!

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